About us

Why our coffee?

We as Morale Riders are convinced that coffee goes perfectly with cycling. Let these be exactly the 2 passions we have. In consultation with our roaster, we have put together the perfect blends for cyclists, baristas and people who simply love coffee. In addition, as coffee fanatics, we are also very involved with nature. That is why our bags are free from aluminum and 40 to 60 bio-based. Our beans are also bought in a fair way from the farmer. If you want more information, you can always contact the column 'Contact'..


With our coffee beans, the quality of taste, at an affordable price, is of paramount importance. For example, our coffee beans are roasted in a traditional coffee roaster. After roasting, the coffee beans are immediately packed in our coffee bags with a valve, which gives the beans time to degas and also keeps their freshness.


Our coffee beans are roasted by one of the most modern and energy-efficient coffee roasters in the world. This burner uses 80 less gas than a comparable coffee roaster. The biggest difference is that this coffee roaster does not need an afterburner, which means that this major cut is achieved..