Morale Riders

The Prologue

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Our 3 flavors in 1 box. Now temporarily competitively priced!

3,000 grams of morality.

Perfect for finding your favorite beans, but also nice to give as a gift.


When you think of the puncheur you think ofpower andexplosivenesswhen he hits those short, steep climbs. By thee dark roasted beanthis coffee has onespicy character. This element is the basis of this bean variety, which gives you a real onePunchindicates the taste of your coffee.


La Flamme Rouge:

The name La Flamme Rouge in other words‘The Last Kilometer’ lives up to this blend. After a long, grueling day you are ready for the final sprint. Here it comes down tocharacter. This element is the basis of this bean variety. Due to the combination of thearabica and robusta bean this coffee gets a balanced taste.



A soigneur is the support and anchor of a cyclist, which corresponds to thetrusted taste of this gently roasted coffee bean. This element is the basis of this bean variety. This coffee is idealafter a hard day when it's time torelaxon the massage table,listening to the wonderful stories.